Solar Panels

The Solar Panel project aims to utilize the free space on the roofs of the University to produce clean energy

At this time, the contracts of the solar panels on top of the Container P20 behind the sports halls are in consultation with the University and the Canton. In a matter of time, they will probably be approved of and the roof space of the University of St. Gallen will be efficiently utilized to have more solar energy in the energy network of the City of St. Gallen. )

With great initiation and cooperation of the MaCS-HSG team, the project can be realized. After consultation with the University and the Canton about three possible projects on campus, we decided that the smartest and most feasible project would be the one on the Containers P20.

The company Swiss-photovoltaik AG, which already installed and operates the solar panels on Container P23 agreed to duplicate this positive effect on the Container P20.They also gave us an estimation for an area of ~270 m2, they **foresee a peak output of ~98 kWp, resulting in ~98’000 kWh.

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